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Debt in UK is currently on "Explosive" Path. The UK must raise taxes or cut spending to steer the country away from this situation, the government's spending watchdog has warned.

A personal debt tsunami of £6 billion caused by the outbreak is already being stored up and, if ignored, is set to worsen.

The Guardian says, UK national debt has hit £2tn for first time.

If you’re worried about your finances, you can still get free and unbiased debt assistance. We aim to support you while you deal with your finances, for as long as you need. More than 95% of the cases put forward by National Debt Solution are approved by the creditors.


Solutions We Offer

We have solutions to cover almost all financial liabilities. 98% of the cases put forward by National Debt Solution are approved by the creditors. Find what suits you below:

Debt Management Plan

A debt management plan (DMP) helps you to manage your debts and pay them off at a more affordable rate by making reduced monthly payments. It is one of most offered solutions

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

An individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) is a formal agreement allowing you to make affordable payments to your debts, usually over five or six years. At the end of your IVA any unsecured debt left is written off

Trust Deed

A protected trust deed is a legally binding arrangement in Scotland where you make reduced payments over four years. At the end of this time, your unsecured debts are usually written off.

Here are the answers

We can assist you with any unsecured debt (like credit cards, personal loans, paydays, over-drafts, store cards). We have solutions available for almost all financial liabilities. Plans vary for individuals depending on their debt level, number of creditors. Our FCA accredited advisors will advise which option is suitable for you.

National Debt Solution doesn’t charge a penny for consultation, and the initial advice offered by one of our advisors is also free and you are under no obligation. If you qualify, your monthly repayments will be reduced to a simple affordable payment which is acceptable to the people that you owe money to. Fees are only charged if you enter into a financial solution and your provider will confirm the associated costs within their terms and conditions.

It all depends on your personal circumstances. But we promise that our experts will provide the answer to this question (and any others you may have) in a simple, credible manner.

There are many different options available to you and therefore it is not a one size that fits all solution. It’s important that we understand your situation properly, this will enable us to provide you with tailored advice for you, allowing you to leave knowing how your situation can be resolved.

It doesn’t take long and the process is simple to complete. As we speak to thousands of people in the same situation as you, we have solutions to cover all financial liabilities. You will have a tailor made plan by the end of the consultation call.

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Our team has highly experienced advsiors to ensure we deliver the best customer service experience. They are dedicated to assist you at every step to help you regain control of your finances.

Hassle Free Arrangements

Don't have documents handy? Not sure of what you exactly owe? Don't worry, we have tools and staff that can arrange everything for you. You sit back, relax and we do the rest.

Tailor Made Plans

We provide a wide range of debt advice and hand pick solutions which are best for you. Call us today to know more